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2012 Internationl Peace Garden Singing 1.


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1. Praise to the Father SHZ 134

2. O Time of Joy in Zion SHZ 193

3. When Doubt and Sin Are Pressing SHZ 306

4. Oh Sing, My Soul Your Maker's Praise SHZ 343

5. Jesus' Holy Congregation SHZ 199

6. O Lamb of God, Holy Lamb SHZ 604

7. O Jesus, on That Final Evening SHZ 228

8. I Find in Zion Peace and Rest SHZ 321

9. We Are Blessed, Truly Blessed SHZ 381

10. Lord, You Have Searched Me SHZ 393

11. Joy in Heaven, Joy SHZ 587

12. Into the Stream of Time Again SHZ 505

13. To Our Blest Creator SHZ 353


13 Songs

Recording Venue: International Peace Garden

Published August 2013

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2013

CD #35 O Time of Joy in Zion

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