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The CD's 21 songs are Easter themed and include peaceful choral pieces, solos, a variety of instruments, and congregational-style singing that people of all ages will enjoy. It features old favorites like "Our Morning Sun of Beauty" and "Easter Dawns, Our Day of Vict'ry," but also helps us learn the words to some newer songs and observe the Easter season with wholesome, meaningful music.


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01 Let Us Go Up To Jerusalem SHZ 71

02 The Hour In Gethsamane SHZ 97

03 You Redeemed Me, O My Savior SHZ 79

04 Bearing The Cross SHZ 93

05 Of My Life, The Life, O Jesus SHZ 74

06 Brightly Dawn, O Blessed Morning SHZ 80

07 O Brother, Sister, Lift Your Heart SHZ 81

08 Dearest Jesus, On Golgotha SHZ 311

09 In Faith I Now Behold Thee SHZ 82

10 Oh, What Precious Balm And Healing SHZ 87

11 I Lift My Gaze To Golgotha SHZ 86

12 Jesus, Sorrowing I See You SHZ 91

13 O Christ, All Grace Supplying SHZ 92

14 Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands SHZ 112

15 On My Heart Imprint Thine Image SHZ 100

16 Easter Dawns, Our Day Of Victory SHZ 106

17 The Savior Is Risen SHZ 108

18 Down The Heavenly Angel Came SHZ 111

19 Risen Is Our Sun In Victory SHZ 119

20 Our Morning Sun Of Beauty SHZ 120

21 A Hymn Of Glory Let Us Sing SHZ 121


21 Songs

Director: Ben Huhta

Recording Venue: Sacred Heart Chapel, College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota

CD #32 On the Cross the Sun Is Shining

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