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Our Homeland features songs recorded at Laestadian Lutheran Church of Elk River during 2021 LLC Summer Services.


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1. All Creatures of Our God and King SHZ 517

2. Earth and Heaven Tell His Glory SHZ 518

3. Oh, He Who Made All Things SHZ 523

4. How Beautiful Our Homeland SHZ 527

5. O Father, Bless Our Homeland SHZ 537

6. Protect, O God, Our Fatherland SHZ 532

7. O Father, Guide Our Nation's People SHZ 533

8. O Jesus, Dear, When Wilt Thou Come for Me SHZ 573

9. My Beautiful Home Is in Heaven on High SHZ 574a

10. When War Is Raging O'er the Land SHZ 581

11. O Christ, We Praise Your Name This Night SHZ 502


11 Songs

Recording Venue: Laestadian Lutheran Church of Elk River, Elk River, Minnesota

Published June 2022

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2022

LLC #68 Our Homeland

Excluding Sales Tax
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