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The 16 tracks on this CD include hymns to comfort in sorrow, which completes a series of organ-only CDs. Recorded at the Oulu Cathedral in Oulu, Finland, and beautifully played by organists Jenica Nevala and Niina Ylikulju, this album can help teach unfamiliar hymns, be used in funeral services, and be enjoyed by all.


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01 Joy in Heaven, Joy SHZ 587

02 O Blessed Realm of Glory SHZ 569

03 I'll Stand Before My Bridegroom SHZ 583

04 Stars Are All Kindled SHZ 261

05 I Know of a Sleep in Jesus' Name SHZ 262

06 A Song of My Home I Am Singing SHZ 576

07 Oh, What Bliss, Beyond All Measure SHZ 579

08 Heavenward Our Pathway Wends SHZ 593

09 My Beautiful Home Is in Heaven on High SHZ 574

10 Safe in the Arms of Jesus SHZ 594

11 A Springtime Sweet and Glorious SHZ 588

12 Soon We Shall Leave this Earth Below SHZ 590

13 My Spirit Is Imprisoned SHZ 592

14 My God, I Know that I Must Die SHZ 596

15 Who Knows How Near My Life's Expended SHZ 591

16 O Beloved Home in Heaven SHZ 599


16 Songs

Recording Venue: Oulu Cathedral, Oulu, Finland

Published January 2017

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2017

CD #44 Praise God! This Hour Of Sorrow

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