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This recording of 33 songs and hymns of Zion on organ, recorded in the Minneapolis church in Plymouth, Minn., is drawn from the collection of Advent and Christmas-themed hymns from LLC’s hymnal. Learn new tunes and use this beautifully played pipe organ two-CD set as pleasant listening or for accompaniment for family singing or gatherings. Natalie Niskanen and Joel Anderson play many of their own introductions as well as many beautiful arrangements on MLLC’s pipe organ.


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01 Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates SHZ 02

02 Prepare the Royal Highway  SHZ 05

03 O Bride, Rejoice, and Sing  SHZ 03

04 Savior of the Nations, Come SHZ 12

05 Once in Royal David's City SHZ 48

06 A Babe Is Born in Bethlehem SHZ 35

07 An Angel Came from God above SHZ 33

08 Oh, Sing, We Now Rejoice SHZ 13

09 Jubilation SHZ 45

10 O Little Town of Bethlehem SHZ 26

11 See, amid the Winter Snow SHZ 49

12 The Morning Star upon Us Gleams SHZ 61

13 Lo, How Bright the Light Is Shining 31

14 Silent Night SHZ 24

15 Once on High a Star of Heaven SHZ 65

16 Now a New Year Is Beginning SHZ 57

17 O Jesus Christ, All Praise to Thee SHZ 18

18 Hosanna, Son of David  SHZ 01

19 O Bride of Christ, Rejoice SHZ 04

20 Comfort, Comfort, Ye My People SHZ 06

21 A Candle We Are Lighting Now SHZ 11

22 Oh, Come, Little Children  SHZ 23

23 From Heaven above to Earth I Come SHZ 16

24 O Little Town of Bethlehem SHZ 26

25 The People Who in Darkness Walked SHZ 22

26 O Little Star of Christmas SHZ 30

27 Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming SHZ 19

28 Little Children, Sing a Song SHZ 52

29 Away in a Manger SHZ 27

30 An Angel Host at Midnight SHZ 20

31 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing SHZ 42

32 Now Israel's Hope in Triumph Ends SHZ 64

33 Sing, O People, and Rejoice SHZ 36


33 Songs

Recording Venue: Minneapolis Laestadian Lutheran Church, Plymouth, Minnesota

Published December 2014

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2014

CD #39 See, Amid the Winter Snow

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