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This is a book of 30 essays that open to the reader the many fulfilling ways single people experience life. It began as a conversation two decades ago among unmarried people who felt that family and marriage-related topics were often discussed at services and discussions. They felt that there was a need for a broader discussion, one that encompassed many different walks of life. This book is one answer to that request. A family is a gift from God. But that does not mean a person who does not have his or her own family has been left without any gifts from God. Being single is not a punishment; it is an invitation to lead another kind of life, to follow a path through different landscapes. Even though a person without a spouse and children may experience life differently than one who has a spouse and children, both face the same scale of emotions, both long for meaningful relationships and meaningful experiences in life, and both travel toward the same goal: eternal life in heaven. It is comforting to remember that each person's life is led by the hand of God. How could He give His own the wrong kind of life? Single But Not Alone is translated from the original Finnish version Yksin yhdessä. Excerpts from the book have been published occasionally in the Voice of Zion beginning in 2007. May these writings offer support and comfort both to those who live their life as a single person and to the people who love them.

Single But Not Alone

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