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Settle in for the evening with this collection of lullabies. Some of the songs are well known already, and the rest of them will soon be known well by you and your loved ones. The album includes songs of Zion as well. The songs are performed by a small group of vocalists and instrumentalists from Minnesota and Washington. You can sing along with the lyrics provided in the CD booklet. Sleep, my little one!


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01 Going Home

02 Basque Lullaby

03 All the World Is Sleeping

04 Daisies & Bed Is Too Small

05 Moon and Sun

06 Day and Night

07 Wind of the Western Sea

08 Lambs Are Sleeping

09 Hush-a-bye Birdie

10 The Evening Is Coming

11 Winkum, Winkum

12 Rock the Cradle

13 Way Up High in the Cherry Tree

14 Cherries Are Ripe

15 Manx Lullaby

16 Hush, My Little Bird

17 Armenian Lullaby

18 All the Pretty Little Horses

19 Mockingbird

20 Sleepytime

21 Bye, My Baby, Bye

22 Bye-o, Bye-o, Bye-o Baby

23 Golden Slumbers

24 Tip Toe Song

25 All Through the Night

26 Hush, My Babe

27 Lord, I Am a Little One SHZ 467

28 Heavenly Father, God of All SHZ 510

29 Her Baby Sleeps

30 A Child's Prayer

31 Night Falls Again SHZ 509

32 Lord as I Close My Eyes to Rest SHZ 512

33 Now the Day Is Over SHZ 511


33 songs  /  68 minutes

Recording Venue: Laestadian Lutheran Church of Elk River, Elk River, Minnesota

Published September 2021

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2021

CD #63 Sleep My Little One

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