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Songbird is a collection of songs sung by a few families in the southern Minnesota area. Artists have illustrated these songs and shared them in the form of videos. These song videos can be viewed on Hearken or via subscription on the LLC website.


This album is available on Hearken only. To subscribe to Hearken, click the link below:



1. O Lord of Earth and Heaven SHZ 136

2. Oh, Look at the Bird SHZ 341

3. Children of the Heavenly Father SHZ 395

4. Gracious God, We Pray to You SHZ 429

5. When He Cometh SHZ 460

6. When You With a Believing Heart SHZ 461

7. Hear the Little Songbird Sing SHZ 462

8. All Gifts From God SHZ 463

9. Jesus, Friend to You I Call SHZ 464

10. Lord, I am a Little One SHZ 467

11. O Lord, You Call Your Fisherman SHZ 468

12. When Crossing the Wilderness SHZ 469

13. Night Falls Again SHZ 509

14. Heavenly Father, God of All SHZ 510

15. Now the Day Is Over SHZ 511

16. Lord, as I Close My Eyes to Rest SHZ 512

17. I'm Amazed at God's Creation SHZ 524

18. Snowdrifts Are Melting SHZ 525

19. Hear Our Humble Prayers, O Father! SHZ 531

20. Here as a Flickering Candle SHZ 560


20 Songs

Director: Liisa Keranen

Recording Venue: Laestadian Lutheran Church of Elk River

Published March 2022

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2022

CD #67 Songbird

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