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This album contains Songs and Hymns of Zion that speak about nature and God's creation. The members of this choir live in the beautiful prairie lands of Saskatchewan.


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1. Oh, Sing to the Creator SHZ 520

2. Morning Dawns as the Sun Arises SHZ 472

3. Snowdrifts Are Melting SHZ 525

4. Oh, Morning of Mercy and Blessing Anew SHZ 492

5. Our God Gives a Heavenly Treasure SHZ 489

6. In Zion's Temple I Shall Stand SHZ 159

7. Oh, He Who Made All Things SHZ 523

8. When Warming Summer Days Arrive SHZ 528

9. Hear the Little Songbird Sing SHZ 462

10. The Summer in Sweet Splendor SHZ 526

11. We Plow the Fields and Scatter SHZ 530

12. The Birds of Heaven Sweetly Sing SHZ 564

13. Oh, Look at the Bird on the Branch of the Tree SHZ 341

14. The Heaven and Earth, All Bright and Fair SHZ 521

15. I'm Amazed at God's Creation SHZ 524

16. Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him SHZ 519

17. The Leaves Are Falling Everywhere SHZ 529

18. How Beautiful Our Homeland SHZ 527

19. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty SHZ 332

20. Now Rest Beneath Night's Shadow SHZ 506

21. Church Bells Are Ringing SHZ 601


21 Songs

Director: Janna Ylioja

Recording Venue: Zion Lutheran Church, Saskatoon & Knox United Church Saskatoon, SK

Published July 2017

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2017

CD #43 The Fields with Music Flooding

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