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Singing at 2018 LLC Summer Services Snohomish, Washington.


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1. Unless the Lord Has Blessed the House SHZ 534

2. Our Jesus Has Called Us SHZ 403

3. We Know That God Is Our Creator SHZ 208

4. In Youth, What Wondrous Blessedness and Beauty SHZ 475

5. We Own a Wondrous Treasure Rare SHZ 171

6. Holy, Holy, Holy! SHZ 133

7. God's Spirit in Me Dwelleth SHZ 368

8. A Song of My Home I Am Singing SHZ 576

9. Dear Heavenly Father, to Thy Care SHZ 374

10. Hear Our Voice, O Heavenly Father SHZ 553

11. Sun of My Soul SHZ 503

12. The Moment of Our Parting SHZ 215a


12 Songs

Recording Venue: Snohomish, Washington

Published July 2018

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2018

CD #55 The Gracious Dew of Heaven

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