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A group of southern Minnesota song leaders gathered to sing for this album at the Stockholm Lutheran Church near Cokato, Minnesota.


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1. O Jesus Christ, My Lord SHZ 314

2. The Lord Is Shepherd of His Flock SHZ 370

3. Oh, How Loving Sweet the Shepherd SHZ 372

4. Be Not Dismayed, O Little Flock SHZ 187

5. In youth, What Wondrous Blessedness and Beauty SHZ 475

6. Sing, O People of the Lord SHZ 349

7. I Recall the Day of Raptrue SHZ 315

8. Jesus, Gentle Shepherd, Keep me SHZ 375

9. The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want 371

10. The Little While I Tarry Here SHZ 392

11. O Shepherd of the Sheep SHZ 269

12. Jesus, Oh, Remember Me SHZ 440

13. Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us SHZ 484

14. Bride of Mine, Do Not Be Fearful SHZ 556

15. Come to the Lord with Joyful Noise SHZ 522

16. What Shall Lambs Be Ever Lacking SHZ 369


16 Songs

Director: Ben Huhta

Recording Venue: Stockholm Lutheran Church, Stockholm, MN

Published March 2013

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2013

CD #37 The Lord Is Shepherd of His Flock

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