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Singing at 2015 LLC Outlook Summer Services.


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1. The Lord Is in His Temple SHZ 155

2. Our God Gives a Heavenly Treasure SHZ 489

3. When Warming Summer Days Arrive SHZ 528

4. Lord, at Thy Blessed Mercy Seat SHZ 316

5. O Gracious Lord, Uplift Us SHZ 158

6. How Beautiful and Glorious SHZ 292

7. Be Not Dismayed, O Little Flock SHZ 187

8. O Jesus Christ, My Lord SHZ 314

9. Commit Whatever Grieves Thee SHZ 376

10. Listen, Precious Young Believer SHZ 486

11. Oh, Children, Hearken SHZ 473

12. A Home in Heaven SHZ 565

13. O God, Be With Us SHZ 507

14. Thank You, Heavenly Father SHZ 536

15. Dearest Jesus, on Golgotha SHZ 311

16. Savior, How I Long for Stillness SHZ 487

17. The Peace of God Be With You SHZ 218


17 Songs

Recording Venue: Jim Kook Recreation Complex, Outlook, Saskatchewan

Published Date September 2015

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2015

CD #40 There's Honey Here and Manna

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