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This book is the second installment of a planned four-part series of books consisting of articles, presentations and other writings by believers in recent decades. The first book, Crossing the Current: The Christian in Society, dealt with issues concerning the believer's role in society. Subsequent books are planned to address the congregation in the home and the individual walk of faith. This series of books is not designed to answer all questions about the nature and operation of God's kingdom or of faith; rather, they serve as guides that point out the hallmarks of living Christianity. The articles in The Sheepfold Tender discuss many aspects of life within God's kingdom on earth. From the joys of faith and blessings of believing, to supporting one another and serving God's children and our neighbor, each article offers abundant, Scripture-based instruction in faith, life and doctrine. Above all, these writings encourage a person to always seek God's congregation, where the true pathway to heaven is revealed. Paperback, 212 pages

The Sheepfold Tender

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