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Learn about the history of the church's central organization, the Laestadian Lutheran Church, as it celebrates 50 years, and see how God's guiding hand has led us to today.

This virtual exhibit was created by the LLC Print Publications Committee and LLC Communications staff for the LLC 50 History Exhibit at the 2023 LLC Summer Services in Monticello, Minn.

LLC 50_Exhibit_Banner_Years_1_1970s.jpg
LLC 50_Exhibit_Banner_Years_2_1980s.jpg
LLC 50_Exhibit_Banner_Years_3_1990s.jpg
LLC 50_Exhibit_Banner_Years_4_2000s.jpg
LLC 50_Exhibit_Banner_Years_5_2010s.jpg
LLC 50_Exhibit_Banner_Years_6_Music.jpg
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