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A Small Measure

Kay Wuollet | The Voice of Zion June 2022 --

Do small things in life make a difference? Does anybody notice them? Does anyone care?

As I sit down at the piano, I prepare myself for my lesson by signing into the video call. I greet my teacher with God’s peace, and she asks me how I’ve been. My piano lessons begin with a warm-up in my lesson book. Following the warm-up, I play through a classical song, Clementi’s 2nd “Sonatine.”

After warming up, my teacher and I go over a new song, “Nocturne.” Leading up to measure 8, I see some large scales ahead, and I begin to lose my confidence. I continue playing the song and when I’ve finished, my teacher encourages me. I don’t always feel that I have done great, but she always seems to lift me up.

We then review the measures where I need some improvement, and we work it through together. Those few small measures that seem so difficult need to be acknowledged. We mark them and go over them alone, deliberately. We discuss technique and set a goal for practicing these measures. Once they have been improved, they can be joined again with the rest of the song. It’s those few measures that can impact the whole piece.

That encouragement that my piano teacher gives makes me feel like I can accomplish any piece of music I would like. She appears to hold so much confidence when she plays or talks about piano. She gives that surety in just a few words, but it has encouraged me in every part of my life.

Considering that I have felt this friendly encouragement from my piano teacher, I have now realized that such generosity can be spread more widely. When we see that one sitting alone, we want to greet them, say hello, or maybe stop to chat for a little while. It’s that small amount of time you take to acknowledge the one, who so often sits alone. A small interaction may change so much. Even if it seems that you haven’t done much, a smile or a mere hello can make the difference. Maybe that smile, hello, or even “How’s it going?” can start a friendship.

We can ask these questions again, “Do small things in life make a difference? Does anybody notice them? Does anyone care?” In answering for myself, small things in life do matter. Even the smallest things, like a hug or “How are you?” These interactions are noticed, and they can change a lot in one’s everyday life.

Through these actions may come a lifelong friendship, or maybe just a happy smile. You can make yourself happy, and you can make others happy too. A small measure of kindness can be that single ray of light that shines through another’s dark day.

We hope we could be a light unto the world. A small act may help someone in everyday life, or it could even help them on their journey to heaven.

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