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A Song of Unity

Anthony and Jaana Bratt | The Shepherd's Voice June/July 2022 - Home and Family Article --

Keep us together bound as one; we have a common goal:

You are yourself the hope and home of each believing soul.

(SHZ 432:6)

To us, Song of Zion 432 is a prayer for a unified and loving home, a home that is under God’s guidance. This song has been a comfort and guide to us since before we were married. We listened to it many times when we were planning our future together.

The words of the song stayed with us so much that in our living area there is a sign that Jaana made shortly after our marriage. It says, “Lord, bless this home You gave to us.”

The song contains good reminders to stay together, and to be forgiving in good times and bad times.

When we sing this song, we remember we are not alone on this journey. It is a good guide and prayer to help us on our way to heaven.

Things to Visit About:

1. How do we keep our home a place of peace? What things steal peace?

2. What common goal do believers have?

3. What does unity feel like? How do we know when we have unity with others?

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