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God Sows the Seed

Ron Honga | The Voice of Zion January 2020 --

Olli Rantala, of Siilinjärvi, Finland, and I felt great joy after our Togo and Ghana mission trip in early October, 2019. Our dear heavenly Father had prepared hearts there to receive the precious water of life unto undying souls. We pray that the seed that is sown takes root and thrives till that day the ripened sheaves are harvested and taken to the granaries of heaven.

The morning after we arrived in Lomé, Togo, we gathered at the church for a Sunday school lesson and services. My lesson from the journey of the children of Israel during the time of Moses was on quail and manna. Olli’s sermon was translated into English and Ewe. As we visited afterward with congregation members, we were told that two men who had come from Benin wished to speak to us.

Seek First the Kingdom of God

We met in the church with these brothers. A man named Phillipe had two questions for us: First, what is the foundation of your faith, and what temporal benefits may we have if we would join your faith?

We attempted to explain that the only foundation we can have is the Lord Jesus, as Holy Scriptures explain. We also told Jesus’ words, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matt. 6:33).

It happened that Phillipe is a cousin to Nicholas Deh’s wife, whom he earlier met at a family gathering. He noticed that she was different from what he had remembered, and he asked her, “What has happened to you, Cecelia?” She was able to open her heart to him and relate of the treasure she had found, that she is now a believer in God’s kingdom and has her sins forgiven.

Just One Question

Before this mission trip the men had been notified of the services in Lomé. Phillipe came by motorcycle with his friend Edmond. He shared that he had been going from church to church seeking for peace but had not found it. Now sitting at services in Lomé he felt he was being drawn toward God and the congregation.

We discussed with them the matters of living faith. Phillipe then had just one question: could he also receive his sins forgiven? His friend also wished to believe. These men were truly happy, and they said they would return to Benin – two and a half hours from Lomé – and speak to others of their newfound treasure. With great joy they mounted their motorcycle and waved goodbye to us.

God’s Grace Reaches Those Who Wish to Believe

Before we traveled to Ghana, Olli and I wanted to thank a young lady who had served us so well in the small restaurant in the hotel where we stayed. As we visited with her, Olli asked her if she knew why we were there. She had served us many mornings and evenings and had also been there when we were working on our trip reports. She acknowledged that we were on a mission trip. Olli explained that God’s kingdom is now here, and we have come to forgive people their sins. After further discussion she also wished to have her sins forgiven.

One of the local brothers, Orlando, was also there and when Nicholas arrived to pick us up, the brothers spoke with her. Olli had a copy of the LLC confirmation booklet, which we left for her to read. The local brothers promised to be in contact with her.

Olli and I often felt on this trip that we were sitting at the feet of Jesus learning of the matters of God’s kingdom. God’s grace truly reaches out to those who wish to believe. We can rejoice together of God’s miracles.

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