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Life's Patchwork Quilt

Krista Simonson | The Voice of Zion December 2017 --

For me, the season of Advent and Christmas always brings with it a mixture of thoughts and emotions. The excitement and joy seen in children’s eyes and bright smiles is contagious! In the evenings, peaceful Christmas music lulls tired little ones to sleep. Then, when the household has quietened, memories sometimes seep into my heart—floating, pulling, tugging, bringing a smile, a tear, a sigh.

Life is like a patchwork quilt with various squares of fabric, each with their own color and texture—experiences and happenings all sewn together into a unique design. Sometimes I have wanted to take a pair of scissors and snip out certain squares in my own “life-quilt”—or, at the very least, change the color or choose a fabric that is not so rough. But then, I have been reminded that I am not really the “Quilt-maker,” which is a good thing, for surely I would pick only the softest, most luxurious of fabrics! But would I, do I, really truly want my quilt to be so soft and cozy? Or, do I need those rougher patches sewn in, so I would not get too comfortably wrapped up in this life? The “Quilt-maker” surely knows how I need those coarser (sometimes itchy) fabric squares added to this quilt of mine!

This evening as the tree lights twinkle, casting their warm glow about the room, it seems hard to believe that another Christmas season is already here. Each year brings its own happenings—joys, sorrows, laughter, and tears—new fabric squares to be added to each of our own “life-quilts.”

We do not know what the year ahead holds for us, or even what tomorrow brings, but it is comforting to know that even amidst great changes, the Christmas message always remains the same. True Christmas joy and peace do not belong to just one season. Is there anything more comforting or more secure?

Life on earth is fleeting. One day even these “life-quilts” will be left behind. May true Christmas peace find a dwelling place in all hearts, bringing with it the greatest hope of one day joining all heaven’s angels in the joyous, eternal Christmas celebration. No matter what comes in this life, let us hold on to that beautiful hope.

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