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Statement on LLC Camp Activities, LLC Confirmation Schools

LLC Camp Activities

We continue to monitor how the COVID-19 pandemic affects LLC activities. States and provinces have differing schedules and parameters as they reopen for various activities. Camp boards will continue to monitor the regional situation with the goal of opening camp facilities and holding camps when the situation allows. LLC Confirmation schools will be the primary focus as facilities are opened.

LLC Confirmation School

The present pandemic has certainly brought many changes and it seems likely that it will force changes to our confirmation schools this summer. We are considering alternatives and expect to make a decision on how we will hold our confirmation schools by June 1. If alternative arrangements are necessary, details on these arrangements will be shared at the time the decision is made. Confirmation schools will take precedence over other camps this summer. The last resort would be to do confirmation school in a remote-learning situation.

We are currently considering arranging a larger number of confirmation camps, but with a smaller number of students at each camp. The camps would possibly be shortened (Sun-Sat) to allow time for the additional camps. Our hope would be that each student could attend camp at the facility where they are currently scheduled, but most likely students and families will need to make arrangements that do not involve crossing the US-Canadian border. Due to the circumstances the camp dates will likely change and we most likely will need to assign students to a camp. This tentative plan is based on the assumption that states and provinces will allow for groups of up to 50 people to gather. There are currently many unknowns:

  • If and when states and provinces will allow gatherings at camps.

  • What size groups will be allowed if camps are opened.

  • If and when the border between the US and Canada will open

Camps are an important part of the activities we participate in each year. We ask for God’s continued guidance and pray for His blessings for this work and all the work of His Kingdom.

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