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The Holy Spirit Comforts Us

Craig and Lora Wuollet | The Shepherd's Voice October/November 2023 - Home and Family Article -- 

The Holy Spirit which comes through faith, comforts us in difficult times. We feel comfort and peace through listening to sermons, songs of Zion, and having fellowship with believing family and friends. With faith, God’s love comes close to us. If you own the gift of living faith and have the Holy Spirit, God will give you a peace that is found nowhere else on this earth.  

When our dear father Ken Wuollet passed away, God helped us bear this heavy loss by being remembered with love by other people. This love still carries us today. We felt the fruits of the Spirit and were comforted.  

When the angels came for dad, we sang songs of Zion, and we cried tears of sadness and tears of joy. We wanted our dad here with us, but God’s plan was different. We rejoice that dad’s earthly journey is over and he gained eternal life in heaven. It pays to believe. We have nothing to worry about when we have faith and trust in God.  

One day, our faith will carry us home to heaven, where our dad and many loved ones await. 


Things to visit about: 

  1. Faith is a gift, and it brings other gifts into our lives. What are some good things that we have in our lives because we believe? 

  2. What brings you comfort in times of difficulty or when you’re sad? 

  3. What is the Holy Spirit? 

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