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Truth Is God’s Word

Meriel Aho | Shepherd's Voice February/March 2022 - Home and Family Article --

Patient Teacher of the children, guiding e’er with tender grace,

You alone interpret Scripture and reveal the Savior’s face.

To my spirit testify that my Maker hears my cry.

With the children let me gather pleading, help me! Abba, Father!

You know all the gospel’s mysteries, all the hidden thoughts of God;

to His children You are telling of the glory there above.

Help me always love the Word, that I look to the reward

that of grace to me is given and awaits me there in heaven.”

(SHZ 127:3,5)

The Holy Spirit teaches us truth which is God’s Word. While the Bible can be read by anyone and interpreted in many ways, the Holy Spirit unlocks God’s message for us, His children. That is why we understand and believe God’s Word as He teaches it through the Holy Spirit. We can do this through faith. With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can hear and love God’s truth.

Songs and hymns of Zion are another way we learn of God’s love through His Word. In song 127, we can learn about truth. The song tells how the Holy Spirit teaches us with love.

The truth teaches and heals God’s children. It is a message of hope that we can get to heaven one day. Children of God can preach to us the message that we can believe all of our sins forgiven in Jesus’ name and blood. When we believe in God, we also believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit; these three are one living God.

Things to Visit About:

1. How does the Holy Spirit help us know what is true?

2. What helps us believe God’s Word is true?

3. Believing is not the same as knowing. How are these two things different?

2022_01FebMarSV_HF_Truth Is God's Word
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