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What Are Dues?

Elizabeth Juntunen and Arvin Pirness | The Voice of Zion September 2023

1. What are dues?

Dues are the money you give to an organization that you are a member of. In our organizations, there are congregation dues and LLC dues. Congregation dues are paid by individual members to their congregation. The recommended congregation dues are typically set at a congregation’s annual meeting.

LLC dues are paid to LLC by the congregations, as only congregations are members of LLC. LLC dues are set at the LLC’s Annual Meeting and approved by the congregation delegates. In addition to LLC dues, there are the camp support dues for Hasscib Lake, Kamp Kipa, and Stony Lake camp facilities. The camp support area dues help fund the camp facility expenses.

Additionally, there are some individuals that live remotely and send donations to LLC on a monthly basis. The financial support from the congregations and these individuals is much appreciated.

2. What portion of the LLC budget is funded by dues?

LLC dues support 50% of the annual budget. Camp support dues support 10% of the annual budget. Total LLC and camp support dues pay for 60% of the annual budget

The remaining 40% of our budget is provided through donations, camp fees and publication sales revenue.

3. How does a person start paying dues?

Each congregation has their own approach to how individuals begin paying dues and becoming a member. If an individual is not a dues-paying member and wishes to be, the best place to start is to contact a congregation board members.

4. What is the benefit of someone becoming a member and paying dues instead of someone donating the same amount of money?

When an individual becomes a member and pays dues, they are making a commitment to the congregation that they will support the congregation financially as well as voluntarily. The commitment to pay assists the board treasurer and other board members to prepare and manage their annual budget as well as to work on short and long-term financial planning.

5. How much are dues? How is this amount decided?

At the 2023 LLC Annual Meeting, the member congregation delegates approved $38/member/month dues amount. The congregations report their membership numbers to the LLC Annual Meeting, and then they pay LLC the monthly obligation according to their reported membership.

In addition to the LLC dues, the congregations in camp support areas provide dues as follows:

  • Hasscib Lake: $15/member/month

  • Kamp Kipa: $15/member/month

  • Stony Lake: $20/member/month

Camp support dues for Stony Lake also cover an SLC expansion loan and the Silver Springs land purchase loan.

6. How is the money used?

  • Personnel/Travel 60% (which includes all personnel for office staff, camp staff/workers, and foreign and domestic workers)

  • Publications 6%

  • Services/Mission Work/Opisto 14%

  • Office Expense 8%

  • Camps 12% (less Personnel/Travel)

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