Our Grandpa Lives with Us

Our Grandpa Lives with Us

Our family has been blessedin the last year to have the chance to have our grandpa Paul live with us. Now we will share some of what we have experienced.

Justin (15) remembers grandpa telling him that once he went fishing and he caught a good size northern. When he grabbed the fishing net to haul it in, he found out the net was rotten. The
fish got away!

One thing Eric (12) has learned from grandpa is that “a fool and his money are soon parted.”

Abigail (9) likes having grandpa live at our house. “He’s nice, and he likes kids,” she says.

Charles (7) helps grandpa by telling him when it’s time to eat. He also takes his cup to the dinner table. Renae (4) helps by moving toys and things out of grandpa’s way so he won’t trip and fall.

Kathryn (2) and Lars (1), the two youngest, have a special bond with grandpa. They like to sit in his lap. It’s hard to know what they will remember from this time, but we think that they will remember grandpa’s love for them.

One special thing we have done with grandpa is singing. We like to visit grandma at the nursing home, and we sing songs with her, too. Another thing we do as a whole family is eat supper together every day. Grandpa likes to listen to each child tell about their day. Even though it can be busy and noisy with all of us at the table, we like to have grandpa eat with us.

We’ve been lucky to have some of grandpa’s friends visit him at our home. These friends have also shared stories and memories of their lives. They are now our friends, too!

It was a relief to have grandpa move in with us. He had been living by himself in an older house. Grandma had moved to a care facility six months earlier, and we saw that grandpa was lonely. The whole family could relax knowing that he wasn’t alone, and if something happened, there would be people around to help out.

Of course, we wondered how things would go. We knew that life would change. God heard our prayers, and He has taken care of all of us. Our brothers and sisters in faith have encouraged us, and we’ve been thankful that things have gone as smoothly as they have. We’re happy that we’ve had this chance to have grandpa live with us. We’re sure that we’ll cherish this time of living together in the future, too.

Ed and Yvonne Tolkkinen


Things to Talk About:

1. Where do your grandpa and grandma live? Do you visit them often? If they live far away, how do you communicate with them?

2. Share some favorite memories of your grandpa and grandma. What have they taught you?

3. Some children don’t see their grandparents very often because they live far away, and some children’s grandparents have died. Still, everyone can have “adopted” grandpas and grandmas in their lives. Do you know someone that seems like a grandpa or grandma to you? What makes them special?

4. How do you treat the elders when you see them at church? In what ways can older people be our friends, too?

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