Whom Should We be Kind to?

Be kindly affectioned one to another (Romans 12:10).

God’s Word contains many important lessons. What comes to your mind when you read this Bible portion?These words tell us how we should treat each other.

Does God instruct us to be kind to only one or a few people? Should we be kind to only believers? Or just to people we know? We know that God wants us to be kind to everyone!

You school children spend much of your time with schoolmates. Some of them might be from believing families that you know, but many are from unbelieving families. You can be a light to them when you are kind. You can also include those who are standing alone, whether it’s at school or at church.

We probably all know how it feels to be nervous, perhaps at camp or in other group settings. It helps to ease our worry if someone shows kindness. Remember how you feel when someone comes to talk to you, and you can try to do the same to someone else!

My mom, who died last spring, taught by example. Mom and dad’s home was always open to friends and family. She could speak Finnish, so many times they hosted Finnish ministers and their wives. It was common to see mom visiting with all ages – she had a listening ear. After she died, many people, younger and older, shared that she was a good friend to them.

As a mom to children of many ages I have watched my children form friendships. The toddlers and those in elementary school think they should just be friends with those their own age. That stage passes as they grow through their teen years and into adulthood.

It’s often said that elders are a support to the young and the young are a joy to the elders. Let’s remember this instruction! I have a certain friend who is 20 years older than me. She was friends with my older sisters, and when they married and moved away she became friends with me too. She still is a support to me.

We can pray that we always remember Jesus’ instruction to treat each other with kindness and love.


Yvonne Tolkkinen


Things to visit about:

  • 1.Whom should we be kind to?
  • 2.How can we help if we see someone standing alone at church, camp or school?
  • 3.Are the elders too old to be our friends? Share a time when you visited with an elder friend. How do the elders show kindness to children? How can children show kindness to elders?

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