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  • Summer Services Work Shifts | Laestadian Lutheran

    2023 Summer Services Work Shifts Click here for a list of where to go to at the start of your work shift! LLC Summer Services are made possible each year by the many hours filled by volunteers. We need your help to make these services possible. Below are links to sign up for the different work shifts via Sign Up Genius. If you have questions about how to sign up, reference the instructions below. Thank you for your help to make these services possible! ​ Questions? Send an email to or call the LLC office (763) 479-2422. Collectors Site Prep & Cleanup Janitorial Coffee Shop/Hot Coffee Ushers Parking/RV Campground Concessions Youth Activities Ages 11-14 Signups EMTs The following work areas require an access code to sign up. The access codes can be supplied by the heads for each area. Contact the heads listed below with any questions regarding one of these shifts. Broadcast/Media/AV First Aid Service Directors Service Hosts BROADCAST Brian Hillukka: 202-615-7115 MEDIA Bruce Herrala: 763-439-0806 AV Aaron Laho: 612-703-2348 FIRST AID Jordan Muhonen: 612-751-6479 SERVICE DIRECTORS Bruce Jurvakainen: 320-260-2717 ​ SERVICE HOSTS Pete Lampi: 763-203-2981 All shifts are full in the following work areas, and links are listed for reference only. Bookstore Communion Food Ticket Sales Headset Booth Humanitarian Aid Opisto Awareness People Transportation Elders Lounge Info Booth Instructions for signing up for shifts Signing up from a computer Signing up from a mobile phone

  • Change of Address | Laestadian Lutheran

    Change of Address If you have a change of address, telephone number, email address, or other contact information for LLC subscriptions, communications, or the LLC Telephone and Address Directory, please use the form below. Fill out all fields. All changes and updates made by March 31 will be made in the 2024 LLC Directory. If no changes are made, your information will stay the same. Last Name First Name (Person 1/Husband) First Name (Person 2/Wife) Cell phone (Person 1) Cell phone (Person 2) Email (Person 1) Email (Person 2) Home Phone (if applicable) Member Congregation Choose an option Home Address City Region/State/Province Postal / Zip code Mailing Address (If different than home address) City Region/State/Province Postal / Zip code Submit

  • EVENTS | Laestadian Lutheran

    Events Annual Services Camps & Courses Member Congregations

  • Camp Planning | Laestadian Lutheran

    Camp Planning Camp Directors, Teachers You have been asked to serve in some capacity at camp; thank you for serving! May God give you a willing mind and strength and wisdom to do that asked of you. Please access the information on this page for material to assist you in planning and in serving at camp! Camp Planning Documents Your Staff Is Your Team This video by Eric Jurmu is a good resource as you consider selecting staff to serve with you at camp. Planning Lessons For Your Camp While the noted videos were intially developed for Sunday school teachers, they provide excellent background in planning lessons for your camp: Lesson Planning Videos

  • Camps | Laestadian Lutheran

    Attend a Camp / Course Enroll in Camp Confirmation Refresher Course Opisto Program How to use FunJoin Bus Information Camp Calendar Camps at a Glance 2024 Suggested Camp Fees ​ Everyone is welcome to camp, regardless of ability to pay. ​ Youth Camps: $55 Pre-Confirmation: $90 Confirmation: $300 Adult Weekend Camps: $110 (plus $10 per child for Mother-Daughter and Father-Son camps) ​ Bus Fee – Round Trip Monticello to Stony Lake Camp: $35 Bus Fee – Round Trip Monticello to Hasscib Lake Camp: $150 Work at Camp Campwork Application Kitchen Volunteers Director / Teacher Information How to sign up for camp on FunJoin Navigate to the correct Location and FUNBOX ​ FUNBOX options: ​ Confirmation: All confirmation and pre-confirmation camps ​ Youth Camps: All youth camps, youth music camps, and youth language camps ​ General Camps: Other adult and family weekend camps Select "View / Select Dates" You will see a "View Availability" page. There is nothing to do on this page, click "Schedule & Reserve Now" to navigate to the registration page. If you aren't logged in, you will be prompted to do so. ​ ​ Enter either your phone number or email. You will be sent a verification code. ​ During the signup, you will be prompted to add new participant Next to the camp name (for example, "Confirmation School, SLC 1") there is a dropdown arrow. Click this. Select the option you are signing up for. ​ If you will be taking the bus (SLC and HLC camps), select this option now.​ Finalize your reservation by selecting "Secure Reservation" Either use "Pay Now" to pay in full, or "Payment Plan" to select an option to pay a minimum deposit now and the remaining later. ​ ​ You must enter your card information and either pay in full now, or pay a deposit now and the remainder later. ​ If you need the option to pay later, contact the LLC office to finalize your enrollment. ​ Phone: 763-479-2433 email:

  • Wage & Expense Form | Laestadian Lutheran

    Wage & Expense Form First name Last name Phone Email Select an Address Reimbursment Format Check, by mail Direct Deposit Canadians, select this option Routing Number Account Number Event Type Position Location Camp Facility Camp If "other", what is reimubrsement for? Start Date End Date Eligible Wages Travel Expenses: Mileage (mileage rate: $0.47/mile) Airfare Vehicle rental Accommodations Travel Expenses Total you wish to collect (at most Wages + Travel) Additional Notes Upload image of receipt (if applicable) Upload File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Submit Music | Laestadian Lutheran

    Submit Music or Lyrics Please use this form to submit lyrics, melody or music arrangement. It will be received by the Hymnal Update subcommittee. Submitter First Name Submitter Last Name Submitter Email Submitter Phone Type of Work Choose an option Year work was created Name of Work Creator (author/composer/arranger) Upload image file here (if applicable) Upload Image File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Upload PDF here (if applicable) Upload PDF File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Additional Comments Submit

  • Teacher's Resources | Laestadian Lutheran

    Teacher Resources We hope to develop a repository of material over time to assist you in your teaching. Please send your input and feedback to Phil Jurmu at 2023 Bible Class Teachers Workshop 2022 Bible Class Teachers Workshop 2022 Sunday School Teachers Workshop 2019 Bible Class Teachers Workshop How to Create a Lesson Plan Presentation PDF Video Notes How to Use Resources in Your Lessons Sample lesson: Daniel in the Lions' Den

  • Bus Information | Laestadian Lutheran

    Bus Information Bus transportation is arranged from Southern Minnesota to Youth Camps and Pre-Confirmation Camps at Stony Lake Camp and to Pre-Confirmation Camps at HLC. Busing is also arranged for LLC Confirmation schools. ​ ​ ​ Stony Lake Camp Bus Schedule ‍There will only be one pick-up spot for Stony Lake Youth Camps. ‍ PICK UP STOP: Bus departs LLC Office @ 9:30 a.m. Campers should be at the LLC Office by 9:15 a.m. Bus returns to the LLC Office about 3:15 p.m. on return date. Brainerd campers catch the bus at Travel Center, Motley. Bus Fee: Stony Lake Camp: $35 Hasscib Lake Camp: $150 LLC Office Address: 212 West 3rd Street, Monticello, MN 55362 2024 Camp Bus Schedule

  • Ministers Message | Laestadian Lutheran

    Ministers Message PDF Jesus Converses Epistle Postil January 2024 Jesus and Martha Second Sunday After Epiphany November 2023 Jesus and Parents Vigilance Sunday September 2023 Jesus and the Canaanite Woman Thanks for Gifts July 2023 God's Command and the Tradition of the Elders The Law of Love May 2023 Christian Freedom and the Law's Slavery Awaiting the Holy Spirit March 2023 Resurrection Deniers Jesus Christ-The Bread of Life January 2023 Appointing a Missionary Jesus Helps in Distress November 2022 A Question about Tax Money Christ, the Lord of the Universe September 2022 Shattering the Righteousness of the Law Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost July 2022 Dispute With Family Serving the Lord May 2022 The Dinner Host and the Uninvited Guest As a Citizen of Heaven in This World March 2022 Discourse on the Need for New Birth Jesus, the Victor over Evil's Power Old Testament Metaphors The High Priest The Priesthood of Aaron The Priesthood of Melchizedek Sacrifices in the Old Testament The High Priest The Priesthood of Aaron The Priesthood of Melchizedek Sacrifices in the Old Testament

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