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2020 LLC Summer Services Announcement

Change in Plans for 2020 LLC Summer Services, July 2–5

The 2020 LLC Summer Services will not be held in Marquette, Michigan. Due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Summer Services this year will be changed from a large, in-person assembly of service guests to an online format. Although we will miss the fellowship of gathering together, we remember the core purpose for which all services are arranged, the preaching and hearing of God’s Word. Due to this change, the Ishpeming congregation and the Eastern Area will host their long planned-for Summer Services in Marquette, Michigan, one year later, July 1-4, 2021, if God so wills.

A decision on changing the arrangements for this year’s Summer Services has been pending since LLC Winter Services in Phoenix were canceled. Those involved with planning these services have anticipated that large gatherings may not be possible in July. Nonetheless, all have hoped that things would somehow be different. In light of so many uncertainties, the LLC Board’s decision to change services is deemed as the right and responsible decision to make at this time.

The Annual Meeting of the LLC is held yearly in conjunction with Summer Services. Notice of the plans for holding the LLC Annual Meeting will be sent to LLC congregations in early May. Currently plans are being made for an online meeting format. The agenda for the meetings, along with the 2021 LLC Draft Operating Plan and an Operating Plan video, will also be provided in May.

Amidst disappointment, joy comes knowing that there is yet possibility to preach the Word of God. At the core of the sermon is the freeing message of the gospel, the forgiveness of sins. It may be possible this year that listeners will be able to gather with friends and family to hold small-scale Summer Services in the security of their own homes and yards.

As we transition to an online format, our plan is to join with the Summer Services Radio (Kesäseuraradio) programming in Finland, in cooperation with our sister organization, SRK. The online programming will be in English and originate from the LLC office. Programming will be accessible on the LLC website and will include continuous broadcasts between scheduled service times. More information will follow as work continues. Refocusing our planning will require much effort. We pray for God’s blessings!

Eric Jurmu, LLC Executive Director,

Jim Frantti, LLC Board Chairman,

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