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A New Family Member

Elaine Nikula | 2016 September-October Shepherd's Voice

A New Family Member

This is baby Makenna, who was just born on June 20. She is special because she is the first girl after eight boys! Her mom and dad were excited to have a new baby, but super excited to have a girl! The oldest brother thought it was cool to be a family of only boys, but he says that Makenna is pretty cool, too. The family thinks she is adorable from the top of her head to her little toes.

Have you ever looked at a baby’s toes? Makenna has ten cute toes that wiggle and will grow into bigger toes. Those toes are on feet that will soon be walking, running, and riding a bike. Makenna has already grown in just a few short weeks! It’s one of God’s amazing miracles that babies know how to grow and learn.

Makenna will eventually learn to say words and do math problems. God has given each baby, each person, his or her own abilities. That means that they are not all the same, but some are better at some things and others are better at other things. Mom and dad may wonder if Makenna will be a carpenter like her dad or a baker like her mom. Her brothers hope she will like to play ball.

Mom loves to see Makenna smile! “Hi, baby!” When Makenna smiles all the boys come and smile, too. Then there is competition to see who else can make her smile. They laugh at the funny faces she makes.

One of the brothers noticed that Makenna got many gifts. “She has more clothes than I do!” he says. Many people come to see the new baby at church, and the six-year-old is proud that some say his baby sister looks just like him. The littlest brother loves to give kisses on the top of her head. Each of the boys want their turn to hold her.

Sometimes a baby comes with extra challenges. Makenna often has an unsettled tummy and cries a lot. Mom and dad get tired and sometimes feel discouraged. Then Makenna is also a teacher. How can such a little person be a teacher? Mom and dad (and brothers) learn to be patient. They learn to trust God to help them and help baby. They learn to share and be helpful. The older boys take turns trying to soothe her when she is fussy. The five-year-old is a big helper and takes dirty diapers to the garbage. They learn what is important in life. Taking care of family is very important. Cleaning the house or riding bike are not nearly as important. They learn that nothing is more important than getting to heaven.

God has given Makenna the wonderful gift of faith. She believes and trusts in God. That faith can take even the tiniest of babies to heaven! God also gave you faith when you were born. If you believe your sins forgiven and trust in God all your life just like Makenna, you will get to heaven, too.

Makenna’s family feels very fortunate to have a miracle like her in their home. “My favorite part of the day is snuggling her after work,” dad says.

“She brings so much happiness to our home,” mom adds.

All the big brothers grin.

Elaine Nikula

A NewMember
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