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A Song That Teaches About Grace

Janell Wuollet | The Shepherd's Voice October/November 2022 - Home and Family Article --

My gracious God! How I rejoice!

You gave a robe so pure,

acceptable in heaven’s home

toward which I sojourn here.

I cannot fully see its worth

nor praise it perfectly;

but when through faith I see this robe,

it shines in purity.

Song of Zion 289, verses 1 and 2

Songs can teach us a lot! Read aloud each verse of this beautiful song of Zion. The first two verses are printed on this page. Ask an adult or an older sibling to help you find the rest of the verses in the hymnal or in the Songbook app.

The theme of grace appears throughout song 289. As we put the thoughts together, we get a picture of what grace is and does for us.

First, already in verse one this song speaks of being given a “robe so pure.”The words compare the cleanliness and purity of the robe to the perfectness of God’s grace that He extends to us. The verse describes the purity and perfectness of the robe that covers us.

The second verse relates that we with all our faults “cannot fully see [the robe’s] worth.” Said in another way, we cannot fully understand the depth of God’s grace.

In the fifth verse, the song describes the familiar feeling of a believer that without this robe, or God’s grace, we could never make it to heaven due to sin.Finally, in the sixth verse, the song connects the robe to grace in a direct way.

This song teaches us about how beautiful and perfect God’s grace is. It reassures us that we can make it home to heaven when we keep faith and a clean conscience.

Things to Visit About:

  1. What is grace? What are some words we can use to describe grace?

  2. Why is grace important in our lives?

  3. How can we keep our conscience clean? How can we help another believer keep their conscience clean?

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