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Busy Weekend of Testing Hearken

Sarina Siljander | Hearken Update --

Last Thursday evening the Apple beta version of Hearken was made available to us and thus ensued a busy weekend of adding test users and uploading content to be tested. Currently we are at about 100 active test users and the flood of feedback has been very much appreciated!

The focus of this phase of testing is to find any issues with the features that have been built for this first release. For example, testing the audio player to make sure all the buttons work as expected. Also to make sure the audio player works as a mini player and when the phone is locked. When the user clicks play on the listen button and hears the Voice of Zion being read, can they easily open the digital version of the Voice of Zion and follow along? When the user is done listening to music and wants to now listen to the Evening Devotion, does the player easily move from music to listen? Are the videos opening without issue in the video player?

Every user experience is different. Not everyone has the same device. What someone is looking for in the app might not be something another person would even think to look for. For these reasons it has been good to include these additional test users from variety of areas, stages of life, and technology expertise.

The feedback sent to us is being compiled into three different categories: bugs & glitches, future feature request, and FAQs.

We are hearing much positive feedback about the usability of the app. We feel much excitement both as LLC office staff and LLC Digital Communications Committee members to share with a small group of users what has been talked about and worked on for over a year. It's one thing to hear and imagine what is being built, and it's another to finally be able to download and login to start enjoying the music, the devotions, the books, the videos on your own devices.

We are thankful for all the support from all of you. We are also thankful for the willing test users who are spending time reviewing the app and giving feedback. Above all we are thankful to the Heavenly Father for blessing us with this gift of a new app where LLC digital publications can be released in one location that is safe and easy to use.

Below are some screenshots of Hearken. We do not have a release date for the app yet but we are getting nearer to that day! Stay tuned for further updates!

Opening Screen

Home Screen

Music Album Screen

Books & Periodicals section: listening to Voice of Zion reading while following along with the digital version of the Voice of Zion

Watch Screen

An Evening Devotion opened from the Listen Screen

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