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February 2021 Update

Eric Jurmu | The Voice of Zion February 2021 - News and Notes --

We continue to make modifications to LLC work due to the ongoing pandemic. I want to thank all of you for being patient with us as we adjust plans, often at the last minute. Our hope is that despite these changes and challenges, God’s Word would still reach to those who need comfort and encouragement on the way to heaven, and that those who are yet seeking a place of refuge would find it.

The theme for the 2021 LLC Operating Plan “He shall feed his flock like a shepherd,” will also be central in planning our camp season and other LLC activities. As plans are being made, my thoughts often turn to our children and youth. They are in the forefront of the battle, yet we see how God helps prepare our young for that which is ahead. May God continue to bless each of us and carry us safely one day to the shore of heaven.

LLC Winter and Summer Services

• After careful consideration, and through discussion with planning committees, the LLC Board along with the planning committees for the Phoenix Winter Services and Marquette Summer Services has decided to hold both of these 2021 LLC service events as online-only events.

The decision comes with some sadness knowing how eagerly many of us have waited to gather again as in years past. Yet, in light of the continuing challenges brought by the pandemic, this is the prudent decision to make.

The plan is to use the same format as 2020 Summer Services with both audio and video broadcast. As details develop, they will be communicated to congregations. Information will also be posted on social media and on the LLC website.

God willing, we can look to gather again in person for the 2022 Winter Services in Phoenix, and 2022 Summer Services in Longview.

Mission Work

• Greg Jacobson was blessed into the office of the ministry by the Montana Laestadian Lutheran Church on January 17. Greg is the first minister to be called in Montana. We wish Greg, along with his wife Caroline and family, God’s abundant blessings in this new calling.

• Mission Work 3 (MW3) has announced that all foreign mission trips are cancelled for the first half of 2021. The committee will continue to monitor travel restrictions due to the pandemic, and mission trips will resume when possible.

• Dedication Services were recently held in Busumbala, The Gambia. Joseph Kuse traveled from Ghana to attend the Dedication Services for the recently completed church in Busumbala. The congregation expressed gratitude that they now have a church where they can gather to hear God’s Word. At the entrance of the church, the name “Temple of God’s Peace” greets all who come. We join in the Gambian believers’ joy. Over 300 service guests attended the dedication services.

Facilities and Camp Work

• New LLC office project: with a new closing date of February 3, the LLC board at its January 30 meeting discussed final details in purchasing the building in Monticello for LLC office space. With board approval, the purchase will take place and construction of the buildout will begin in mid-February. Regular communications will be sent to LLC congregations as the project moves forward.

• Doug Karvonen has retired as Kamp Kipa caretaker and Tom Kuopus has been hired to fill his spot. We wish to thank Doug for his many years of dedicated work at the camp. At the same time we wish Tom and his family God’s abundant blessings in their duties ahead.

• Again this year “Camps at a Glance” has been published. Look for it in your local bookstore or download it from the LLC website.

• The annual Camp Staff Workshop and teleconference will be held on March 4.

• Online enrollment is open for 2021 camps. Visit the LLC website to register.

We remain thankful for God’s continued blessings and protection. He has given us a time to work, and He has also blessed us with needed gifts, both temporal and spiritual. We pray for His continued care and direction.

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