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How Are Your Legs?

Natasha Warwaruk | The Voice of Zion May 2022 --

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord. – Job 1:21

My head is heavy and there’s a tiredness around my eyes. Snuggled under my soft, orange throw in an easy chair with a couple of hot packs placed in strategic places, feet up, a pillow under my right knee and a walker by my side, I contemplate this verse that has persisted in the shadows of my mind over the last couple of weeks. Is it truly the case that the Lord gives and takes away? And can I still say with full assurance in my heart, “Blessed be the name of the Lord?”

All through my life God has given and taken the portion that He knows I need. I am now going through a season in life where He has taken a significant part of my being: my physical health and mobility. Lately, my legs have been especially tired and slow. I stubbornly persist in using them and know I will until I can no longer.

Perhaps even more difficult has been my need to ask for and accept assistance. I am fierce and I am strong and I almost would rather crumple than admit defeat. As I ponder the cumbersome journey of possibly becoming an invalid, of slowly losing health, vitality and energy, I can’t help but think; “Really? Does this all really need to be taken from me?”

And, as I ask this, I know the answer. That yes, in this moment, in this time, all that has been taken from me is needed to fulfill God’s almighty and perfect plan.

“What would it be like to be given it all back?” A half-smile comes to my face. Could that be possible? With God all things are possible. And one thing I can cast my hope on is that in heaven I will be given a new body!

– – –

Recently, while listening to an online evening devotion a small tap of grief and perhaps permission was opened for me. I have not been able to resume my career for over three years because of my health, but in my mind, I am always getting better and will go back to work. This particular devotion spoke of how a person can close the door to a season in life and embrace the new one.

Grief for my teaching career welled up inside me. This new season of getting myself dressed, fed and attending to everyday living necessities doesn’t sound near as exciting, but this is my season now and I want to take it from the hand of God.

Yes, it truly is the case that the Lord gives and takes away. I see this in my life and I see it in the joys and sorrows of the believers who travel alongside me. The spiritual kingdom that we travel in has gone through a time of warfare and restlessness. It has been confusing and I have had to examine and ponder where I stand as a believer. This has recently been mirrored in our temporal society with the pandemic, political unrest and a shift in social thought regarding what best serves the common good.

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter where we stand on the political spectrum. But it does matter where we are as children of God. Do not get left behind!

God’s flock is a traveling flock. A flock on its way to heaven. If you do not have the strength to stay standing on your legs, let the believers carry you. Ask for assistance and accept the help. Remain with this precious flock. What has been given to you, and what has been taken away? And can you say, along with me, “Blessed be the name of the Lord?”

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