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International Mission Work Website Has Launched

February 14, 2024

Every month, tens of thousands of people search the internet for information on where to find the kingdom of God, what repentance means, and how to find forgiveness for their sins. A new website answers this need.

The new website, dedicated to international mission work of Laestadian Christianity, is now live at

The project is supported by the central organizations SRK (Suomen Rauhanyhdistysten Keskusyhdistys, Central Association of Finnish Associations of Peace), LLC (Laestadian Lutheran Church), and SFC (Sveriges Fridsföreningars Centralorganisation, Central Organization of Sweden’s Associations of Peace).

The purpose of the website is to make instruction according to God’s Word accessible to people around the world interested in matters of faith and to invite them to hear the Word and to personal repentance.

The project stems from the observation that people around the world turn to the internet for answers to fundamental questions of faith. SRK and LLC also regularly receive inquiries. The increasing number of people seeking peace is evidenced by the rapid expansion of mission work in recent years into new countries and regions, especially in Africa and Asia.

The Website Needs Visitors

SRK’s Mission Work Director Miika Kopperoinen describes the content of the site: “The site contains both doctrinal content and personal narratives in the form of images, texts, audio and videos. The goal is that in the future, the site will also offer real-time sermons in different languages. In the initial phase, the site and its content are only in English, but in the future, it will also serve visitors in other languages.”

The aim is to add pages in the near future in French and Spanish, among other languages. The more language versions the site has, the more seeking individuals it can reach.

Website visibility will be improved through search engine optimization. This will aim to raise the site to be among the first search results for certain keywords entered by those looking for information. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts have also been set up to support the purpose of the site with posted content that will guide peace seekers to the website.

“To attract the attention of search engine algorithms and to offer its content to as many people interested in matters of faith as possible, the site needs visitors, and therefore it’s worth sharing the link,” adds Kopperoinen.

A Long but Rewarding Project

The development of the website is managed by a group consisting mainly of volunteers.

“It feels fantastic now. A three-year effort is behind us,” enthuses Annika Impiö, who has been involved in the project since the beginning.

According to Annika, the idea for the site came from multiple sources simultaneously. Impiö took action and designed the structure and content of the site. A significant portion of the work put into developing the website, such as its graphic design, has been donated. “The goal was to create a bright, hopeful color palette.”

The logo of the website was created by graphic designer Ossi Gustafsson. “We wanted a moderate, message-supporting logo. It features a crossroads and a cross. The color scheme reflects global diversity, representing different continents and cultures,” explains Antti Halonen.

Everyone Can Participate

Halonen joined the project during the content-production phase about a year ago. He emphasizes that with the website, believers can now better participate in international mission work:

“Previously, people perhaps prayed on behalf of mission work. Going forward, they can also participate by sharing the website link or a social media update, for example.”

Halonen highlights the service aspect: “We want to avoid the impression that the website is a distant project of central organizations. In the working group, we see this as a platform serving individual people, through which anyone interested in matters of faith anywhere in the world can find an ordinary believer to talk to. If a visitor is from Tanzania, for example, they can find a conversation partner who is a believing person from somewhere like Kenya. Contact can be made either through the website or social media channels.”

Mission Work via Digital Means

Impiö points out that the project reinforces previous mission work done in digital channels. “We aim, through digital means, to help those seeking forgiveness find the joyous message of the gospel and fellowship with believers. That’s aided by having users visit the site. Go visit the website, like it and share it in your networks—it’s digital mission work.”

Impiö is delighted that even through this project, the work of the Kingdom of God expands worldwide according to the mission command.

Halonen sums it up: “The most important project on earth.”


YouTube: @kingdomofpeaceonearth

Facebook: Kingdom of Peace on Earth

Instagram: Kingdom of Peace on Earth


For more information:

- SRK Mission Work Director Miika Kopperoinen,, +358 50 3309986

- LLC Mission Work Director Adrian Pirness,


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