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January 2024 Update

Arvin Pirness | The Voice of Zion January 2024 - News & Notes Article --

2024 is here. As the New Year begins, we look forward to plans for the coming year. One matter remains very heartwarming and that is the support and generosity of believers in the many work forms of the LLC. Without this support the work would be hopeless. 

As we look forward one has to wonder what plans God has in store for us. On the horizon we see additional needs at our camp centers, and the possibility of using other facilities to support in the area of camp work. Local congregations continue to grow and so do the requests for support from the office. With these requests we prayerfully ask for God’s continued guidance and blessings. 

Updates on LLC Activities

Domestic Mission Work

  • In January we begin planning for 2025. This includes ministers and staff who are asked to serve at Summer and Winter Services, Minister trips to Sweden and Finland, Confirmation school and a few other camps. We thank everyone who willingly served in 2023.

Foreign Mission Work

  • In late December we had a meeting to consider facility needs and to identify projects in 2024. Foreign Facility funds allowed the Gambian believers to purchase a new property and they are in the process of relocating their church.


  • Work continues to finalize two recent recordings for release digitally and as physical CDs. One is Conduce Él Mis Pasos, He Guides My Footsteps. On this recording, youth and adults from southern Minnesota sing songs of Zion in Spanish. The other is Jesus, My Savior, a recording of men’s unison singing, which will be ready for release by Winter Services time.

  • We continue to prepare our book of around 20 songs that can be performed at weddings to go to the printers. This book has come to be based on many requests for music that suits believers’ weddings.

  • This month, musicians from Menahga will record an album of evening songs. This digital album will be released later on Hearken.

Print Publications

  • In 2024, we celebrate 50 years of publishing The Voice of Zion. This year we are reintroducing Round the Table, a feature that appeared a half dozen times in 2020 and 2021. The aim for this feature is the same as stated in 2020: Please join us round the table! This new Voice of Zion feature aims to provide education, inspiration and activities for our readers. We hope it fosters connections and opportunities to discuss and learn.

  • A digital-only subscription to The Voice of Zion is now available! You can subscribe to this in our online store on the LLC website. For a yearly fee, you will receive each issue of The Voice of Zion as a pdf via email.

Digital Communications

  • We continue to produce new content for Hearken. In 2024, we will launch a new feature, Sermons of the Past. We will also publish additional audio books and video blogs. As always, we welcome your input and feedback on Hearken content as well as suggestions for new content!

  • We are looking for volunteers: if you or someone you know have experience editing video and audio and would like to contribute your time and skills to assist in these tasks, please be in touch.

  • With Hearken suggestions or to volunteer, send an email to Thank you!  

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