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Let the Holy Word, Our Sun, Shine Its Light and Power

Beth Simonson | Shepherd's Voice April/May 2021 - Home and Family Article --

In the title of this writing, we see the phrase, “Holy Word.” Do you know what is meant by “Holy Word?” It is God’s Word. God has given us His Word in the books of the Bible. In the Bible, God teaches us how to live our lives as believers and how we can one day go to heaven’s home.

The next words in our title above is “our Sun.” The word “Sun” has a capital “S” because this is also another meaning for God’s Word. “Our Sun” shines on us and gives us power to believe, just like the sun in the sky has power to keep us warm. God’s Word, our Sun, can spread over all people and warm their hearts, if we believe in Him and His saving gospel.

The power or strength of our Sun – God’s Word – is felt when we gather at services and listen to what God has to say to us. We also feel the power of God when we visit with other believers. This is the bond of the Holy Spirit. Hearing the forgiveness of all our sins gives us power to continue believing. We need this power of the “Sun” day by day, week after week. If this power does not shine on us continually, we can get cold. Then if sin is not put away, we can become dark and not want to believe in God’s Word.

We personally have felt the power of God’s Word during the pandemic. We have not been able to gather as a large congregation during the state restrictions. We have chosen to stay home and listen to online services. We feel the power of God in our own small home congregation. The power of God’s Word, “our Sun,” is felt as we listen to speakers from all over the continent. We feel the bond of the Spirit through this modern technology. We have heard the precious gospel preached and comforting words for ones who are lonely or alone in their homes. We feel the warm Sun of grace reach us even when we are not able to gather as a congregation.

We have also experienced the power of God’s Word through our many believing escorts in the trials of poor health. Through the loving support of many friends who have come to visit, lent a helping hand, or who have remembered us in prayer, we have felt God’s powerful presence. Our escorts are like heavenly angels, shining their God-given light and giving us strength to continue in faith and to keep trusting that God is with us.

Things to Visit About:

1. When has God’s Word felt most powerful in your life?

2. What has caused God’s Word to feel weak or cold in your life?

3. What has helped you to keep “our Sun” shining for you day by day?

Let the Holy Word
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