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October 2022 Update

Arvin Pirness | The Voice of Zion October 2022 - News and Notes --

Fall changes are now seen in nature as the seasons pass. Fall brings its own excitement with many congregations hosting Fall Services and with Sunday school in full swing.

As I reflect on the blur of my first three months as Executive Director, I marvel how the work of God’s kingdom moves forward day to day and generation to generation. This summer we saw how God blessed the trips to the U.S. by Finnish brothers Aimo Koskelo and Timo Valli, the Finnish Language Camp Group, and the International Choir Camp held in the Pacific Northwest. God has also blessed the eight confirmation schools held this summer, and the many camps that took place at our camp facilities. Finally, God has allowed foreign mission work to resume: Jim Jurmu recently traveled to Finland and Adrian Pirness to The Gambia and Sierra Leone.

The unity of faith and understanding amongst the children of God is a miracle to know and experience.

Updates on LLC Activities

  • The 2023 LLC Summer Services kickoff planning meeting was held at the LLC office on September 9. This gives planning committee members from both the hosting congregation of Monticello and the LLC the opportunity to support each other in the work.

  • SRK Minister Markku Seppänen and wife Liisa arrived September 29 for a three-and-a-half week mission tour on the SRK-LLC speaker exchange. We wish them God’s blessing for their trip.

  • The Confirmation and Pre-confirmation directors and teachers review meeting was held on September 1, 2022. This was an excellent opportunity for sharing information, identifying trends and challenges of this age group and making recommendations for coming years.

  • Approximately 550 young people attended Peace Gardens Youth Days. With thankful hearts, we continue to see God’s blessings with our young people. May He continue to give increase.

  • Ordinance and zoning changes have been made to accommodate large event gatherings at Silver Springs.

  • The restroom construction work at Silver Springs continues. Work on this project slowed down significantly following summer services this year due to volunteers’ busy work schedules. Now as fall arrives workers are returning to complete this project. The goal of 2023 Summer Services completion is well within our reach.

  • Camping at Silver Springs for Summer Services remains popular. The remaining 24 sites not under a ten-year contract will be sold at a prorated amount to those who are randomly selected via a drawing of interested parties. Addition of another 100 campsites is under consideration. Developments will be communicated to congregations as more concrete plans are made.

  • Are you interested, or do you know of someone who might be interested in working as core staff at camp next summer? The LLC will be filling four core staff positions at Stony Lake Camp, a caretaker and core staff positions at Hasscib Lake Camp and one core staff position at Kamp Kipa. Contact Phil Jurmu at for additional information and job descriptions.

  • Mission Work Assistant, Adeline Moll, traveled to Ecuador where she will live for five months, working remotely. She hopes to further her Spanish language skills in addition to her LLC work. We wish her God’s blessings in this endeavor.

  • The annual LLC Ministers’ fall webinar will happen on Tuesday, November 3. Topics and other information will be sent to the ministers closer to the webinar date. This webinar gives the opportunity for ministers to gather around matters central to the work and serves as a communication tool maintaining unity and love of the Spirit, all important in our present time.

  • The Communications Department hosted a Content Creators Workshop at Stony Lake Camp in September. The weekend brought together believers from many congregations who contribute to publications projects and efforts in many ways. Plans were laid for services broadcast content in 2023. Work continued on composing introductions to Songs and Hymns of Zion for service accompanists. Writers discussed believer fiction, short fiction for children, hymn writing and podcasts.

  • The Opisto Scholarship Selection Committee recently met and selected 14 scholarship recipients for the 2023–2024 opisto year. The list of recipients will be published after all of them confirm acceptance of their scholarship.

  • Half a year has passed since we launched Hearken, our publications app. We currently have over 1000 subscribed users, and we are grateful that many have found Hearken to be a worthwhile way to access all sorts of LLC publications. Did you know that we add new content to Hearken every week? To find out more about subscribing, go to

  • It is the time of year when we collect your Christmas greetings to be published in the December Voice of Zion. This year we are collecting them online only. Go to to submit your greetings today.

We ask for your continued prayers that God continues to guide and bless His work.

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