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Respect Means Honoring God and His Creations

David Edwards | Shepherd's Voice April/May 2022 - Home and Family Article --

Let’s speak with words that kindle joy, that strengthen love, and edify, and through the gospel Word, increase the ties of unity and peace. (SHZ 463:6)

In this song, we are reminded to use the kinds of words that show respect. Respect means to regard something highly. Being respectful is showing honor. The Bible teaches, “Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise” (Eph. 6:2). By honoring parents, God promises a whole life with blessings in return.

Respecting is honoring. Showing respect is how we act. We can show respect by using polite words in every situation, sharing, waiting for a turn, and saying please and thank you.

We can show respect by trying to be polite, kind and thoughtful of others’ feelings. When we make mistakes, we apologize to show respect.

We show respect to God when we obey those whom God has placed to guide us in life – our parents, our teachers, our leaders at work and in the government. We do our best for them as if we are doing it for God Himself.

The golden rule is: “Do to others as you would want them to do to you.” If we are kind to someone, we hope they will be kind in return. If we show respect, they might also respect us. Whether or not they treat us with respect, we still want to follow the golden rule which is from God’s Word (Matt. 7:12).

Because we respect God and our parents and ourselves whom God has made, we want to keep faith and a clean conscience. Therefore, when we have been disrespectful or unkind, we want to put the sin away by asking for forgiveness.

Things to Visit About:

  1. How do we show respect to others? How do we show our respect to God?

  2. Tell an example of when you have used the Golden Rule in your life.

  3. Look up the Fourth Commandment in your catechism. Why is this Commandment important?

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