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September 2022 Update

Arvin Pirness | The Voice of Zion September 2022 - News and Notes --

September brings changing weather and the start of fall. It also marks the beginning of the school year, and the end of a busy camp season.

We pray for God’s protection and blessing as our young return to study. May they experience the intrigue of learning, be diligent in their study and have the desire and strength to be a light unto the world in word and deed. We pray that lessons from camp would help them speak of faith and hope of heaven.

Updates on LLC Activities


  • Mid-September we will gather at Stony Lake Camp with staff and volunteer contributors for our Content Creator Workshop. We will discuss content creation needs and goals across publication platforms. We will especially focus on writing needs, services broadcast content, and content for Hearken, our publications app. We are thankful for all the time and gifts that our volunteers contribute on a regular basis.

  • We plan to release a new Christmas album this fall. The music for this album was recorded in Elk River, Minn., in April. Now we are finalizing the editing and mastering of the tracks. The theme of this choral album is the Christ Child.

  • Work continues on the LLC History Project. A first volume of LLC history will be released at 2023 LLC Summer Services next July. Watch for more information in coming months on how we plan to observe our organization’s 50-year anniversary.

Camp Work and Facilities

  • Another summer of camp blessings is ending. Hasscib and Kamp Kipa seasons will be complete by the end of September and Stony Lake season wraps up at the end of October. Many believers were able to experience the joy of camp this year.

  • Six LLC pre-confirmation camps were held in 2022 with an updated curriculum that answers the need to augment Confirmation curriculum. Preliminary evaluation shows that those changes received broad support from assigned staff and will help further prepare our young for confirmation school.

  • Silver Springs restroom construction continues. The expected completion date for rough-in plumbing, electrical and heating work is mid-September. Insulation and drywall installation is expected to be completed by the end of September.

  • Work continues with Wright County, Monticello Township and the City of Monticello to amend existing ordinance language regarding our use of the Silver Springs property. Based on recent meetings, we expect that final amendments will be approved in mid-September.

  • The balance of Silver Springs electric RV campsites are being sold for the 6-year balance of the original 10-year sites. Consideration is being given to expanding electrical sites to the west. More information will follow in coming months.

  • Significant work continues to extend the lifespan of buildings at our camp centers. Recently, an independent analysis of structural components of the Stony Lake lodge revealed internal log decay in some locations. A recommended mitigation method will stop the decay and reinforce decayed areas. If the work is completed soon, further decay will be halted, extending the serviceable life for many years. All projects identified are prioritized and addressed as funding allows.

Cooperation with Sister Organizations

  • Joint meetings between the SRK, SFC and LLC are planned for the week of September 19–23. The board has asked LLC Board Chair Jim Jurmu, LLC Board Secretary Sam Roiko, LLC Board member Petri Hotari, LLC Executive Director Arvin Pirness and LLC Mission Director Adrian Pirness to attend. These biennial meetings serve to plan our joint work in mission and publications while fostering unity of faith and understanding.

Mission Work

  • LLC foreign mission trips to Africa have resumed with MW3 trips to The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Togo. Adrian Pirness and Miika Kopperoinen traveled to The Gambia and Sierra Leone, keeping a confirmation school and confirmation exercise in the former. Veli-Matti Heikkinen traveled to Togo.

  • The second 2022 Ministers Webinar was held on August 25th. John Stewart gave an overview of the Letter to the Hebrews as well as an overview of Keijo Nissilä’s commentary on the Letter to the Hebrews, Let Us Look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of Our Faith.

  • The 2022 LLC Ministers and Wives Camp will be held at Hasscib Lake Camp September 24–26th.

  • The SRK fall mission trip has been tentatively planned for September 30th–October 24th. Markku Seppänen and his wife Liisa will make the trip on the SRK’s behalf.

  • Our next Bible course will be held at Stony Lake Camp October 7–9th. We encourage you to sign up today!

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