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Temperance means self-control

Dan Grangroth | The Shepherd’s Voice December 2023/January 2024 - Home and Family Article –


We are often quick to act and the initial reaction to situations can be the wrong thing to do. When we have self-control, we pause and think before we act or speak. Can you think of a time when you acted too quickly?


My children provided these examples of using temperance:

  • If someone makes you angry, don’t start fighting. Keep your body to yourself.

  • When something happens to you, ask yourself, is this a big deal or little deal?


Self-control is hard because we have powerful feelings that make us want to act in the wrong way. In all things we should stop for a minute and listen for the instruction given to us in the soft and small voice of our conscience.


Self-control can also help us fight against temptations. When Daniel was offered meat and wine from the Kings table in Daniel 1:8, his flesh would have wanted to partake and avoid the King’s wrath. When Daniel paused to consider what God wanted, he could see that it wouldn’t be good for his faith. With God’s strength, Daniel resisted and survived the King’s wrath.


Self-control can also help us treat our neighbors with kindness. This can be practiced at our school, in the world around us and also in our homes.


When we fall into sin and become out of control or angry, we can go to our mother, father, brother or sister in faith and have those sins forgiven in Jesus’ name and precious blood.


Things to visit about:

  1. What does temperance mean to you?

  2. Tell about a time when you had to use self-control. How did it feel?

  3. How can we practice temperance in our daily lives?

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