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We Are at Peace

Katie Simonson | The Shepherd’s Voice April/May 2023 - Home and Family Article --

I asked my daughter what she thinks peace is. She stated that it is when everything is quiet and calm. When people are reading or napping, the household is quiet.

When I think of peace, I picture a dove. The dove is a symbol of peace. I remember the story of Noah’s ark. The world of that time became so evil that God sent a flood to destroy the world. A dove was sent from the ark to see if the flood waters had receded. When the dove came back with an olive branch, this was a symbol that the flood had receded. The world was restored with new life and new hope.

When faith is in our heart, peace shines in us. It is much easier to do our school work and our jobs at home. Our family members and even our classmates can see that we are at peace. They see that we are obedient and happy, that we work hard and we don’t use bad words. Peace is a fruit of faith.

Peace can be broken quite easily. When you become unhappy or bored, it can be easy to start bickering with your siblings or to ignore what your parents ask you to do. Peace can be restored when the gospel is preached, when sins are forgiven in Jesus’ name and blood.

When believers meet and again when we part we greet with “God’s peace!” When we greet this way, we confess our mutual faith and acknowledge that peace exists between us. We are thankful for the peace that God gives us!

Things to visit about:

  1. How do you know when you are at peace? What does peace feel like?

  2. How do we keep our home a place of peace? What things steal peace?

  3. What Bible stories come to mind when you think of peace? What does the Bible teach about peace?

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