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We are comforted

Jacque Raisanen  |  The Shepherd’s Voice June/July 2024 - Home and Family Article –


Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. – Matthew 5:4

In this Bible verse, we are reminded of the preciousness of living faith. Even though we all have times when we are sad, we are fortunate to be God’s children. When we go through hard times, we feel the loving comfort of the believers around us. In our sadness, God finds ways to show us that He loves us.

The Bible is full of examples of believers who mourned or suffered sad events in their lives. One that stands out is the Old Testament story of Job. Everything was taken from him: his family, home, and livelihood. He mourned the losses, but God sent friends to comfort him, and he was reminded of his human pride and sinfulness, and he repented. He was blessed again with a new family and many more temporal blessings, but most importantly, God blessed him by allowing him to keep faith.

We can always pray to God that He will remember us when we are sad. He will not forget to comfort us! 


Things to visit about: 

  1. What things can make you or others sad?

  2. What things help comfort you when you are sad?

  3. How can we help others that are sad or missing loved ones?

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