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April 2021 Update

Eric Jurmu | The Voice of Zion April 2021 - News and Notes --

Easter dawns, our day of vict’ry; mercy’s morn is shining bright! Now the chains of hell are broken; lonely captives rise to light; fears of night and wrath are vanished – ev’ry cloud our Sun has banished.

Death, where is your stinging scepter? Where, O grave, your victory? Satan, you are proved a liar. Ended is your tyranny! In your kingdom Jesus found us. There He crushed the chains that bound us.

O my soul, be overtaken! Praise the Son, your gracious friend. Haste, my harp, my tongue awaken, let the triumph-song ascend. Praise to God, and adoration. Sing Hosanna, all creation. (SHZ 106:1,2,6)

I wish for each of you a blessed Easter, with this greatest hope, the hope of resurrection in the glory of heaven.

Updates on LLC Activities

• 2021 LLC Winter Services were held again this year as an online event. Though we await the time when we can gather again in-person, God granted His abundant blessings to the services.

• An extra day of meetings during Winter Services allowed the LLC Board and staff to discuss ongoing spiritual concerns and short- and long-term planning needs of the LLC. We are thankful for the mutual love and unity of spirit which was experienced there.

– The board approved the development of an LLC publications app. Final details are being worked out, but plans for a nominal monthly fee will allow access to all LLC printed, digital and audio content, including music.

– A first of its kind LLC logo was approved. The logo will be used broadly throughout LLC work and also as a design theme for the new LLC office in Monticello. Additional information about the logo will be communicated in a future issue of the Voice of Zion.

– The board approved using donated funds from the estate of a departed sister for furnishings at the new LLC office.

– The board heard and approved plans for the continent-wide meeting on May 7–8. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss spiritual concerns affecting North American Zion.

• Planning continues to host the 2021 online Summer Services and LLC Annual Meeting from the new LLC office in Monticello. We plan to have a fairly normal daily schedule of services along with additional programming which will be broadcast on both audio and video feeds. Details will be communicated on the LLC website and on social media as they develop.

• The 2021 LLC Annual Meeting notice, agenda and delegate package will be sent to congregations in mid-April. In addition, the 2022 draft LLC Operating Plan will be sent for review. The theme of the plan is “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness” (Matt. 6:33). A video with highlights of the plan will be available for the congregations to view in preparing their delegates for the Annual Meeting. Currently, we are planning for an online meeting via Zoom similar to 2020.

• It has been heartwarming to see the many volunteers who have worked tirelessly on the new LLC office in Monticello, Minn. At the end of March sheetrock and taping was complete, and painting was finished until the trim is ready and a final coat is needed at the end of the project. Concrete floor polishing was finished, and epoxy was applied to the bathroom and kitchen floors as well as in the storage and work areas. Cabinets are being built and planned for installation in early April. The drop-ceiling grid is installed. Final electrical and plumbing fixtures will be installed once the drop-ceiling is in place and tile work is finished in the bathrooms. Words seem inadequate, yet many thanks to all who have contributed both with time and energy and also with financial donations. We plan to move into the new office sometime in May.

• The new songbook app for purchase is still planned to be released in June. It will contain songbooks from three organizations, Songs and Hymns of Zion (LLC), Siionin Laulut ja Virsikirja (SRK) and Sions sånger och psalmer (SFC).

• The biennial LLC Ministers Camp will be held at Stony Lake Camp April 9–11. The main focus of the camp will be on timely topics and spiritual concerns experienced in North American Zion.

• Plans are in place to keep the summer camps as scheduled. Necessary precautions will be taken as COVID-19 guidelines evolve throughout the summer. Online enrollment is open on the LLC website to register.

• We have switched the broadcast format for the evening devotions that air on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. The devotion for each evening will air for the first time at 8 pm EDT and on the hour at 8 pm in each of the North American time zones. Following the devotion, songs will be broadcast for the remainder of the hour.

God has graced us with a time of work. May He guide and bless the efforts of His children.

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