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God’s Family

Matthew Keranen | The Shepherd's Voice December 2022/January 2023 - Home and Family Article --

Little children, sing a song;

sing a joyous Christmas hymn.

Unto us a Savior’s born,

sent to save us from our sin.

Father’s goodness do recall,

also mother’s tender care;

Jesus is unto His own

always precious and more dear.

In His arms our Savior still

gathers children, guides them too;

lovingly He blesses them.

Dearest Jesus, bless us, too.

Our fathers, mothers dear,

our brothers, sisters, too,

dearest Savior who is born,

now bless all our souls anew.

Song of Zion 52

W: Aatu Laitinen 1881/SLW 1916/rev. SRK 1961, 1976

E: SHZ 1975

In our home congregation we can see adults who are mothers and fathers. We can see boys and girls that are children of those mothers and fathers. But did you remember that adults are someone’s children? Even our elders have or have had a mother and a father.

In God’s kingdom, we are all members of one family, the family of God. This is our congregation. Song of Zion 52 reminds us that Jesus cares for us in our congregation just like mothers and fathers care for their families at home. Verse three of that song tells us that our Savior, who is Jesus, gathers all His children into His arms.

Jesus lives in heaven, but He still holds us and cares for us through His Holy Spirit. Look at the words of song 52 and find the verses that tell how Jesus cares for us!

At Christmastime we remember that Jesus was born. Do you see the word Savior in this song? It is mentioned twice. Jesus is our Savior; He saved us from sin by dying on the cross. We are thankful God sent His Son to save us, and we long for Jesus to come again and take us to heaven.

Some people pass away from this life as elders, and others may pass away as a tiny child. One such child is Eliana Joy, the precious infant daughter of Shari and Justin Byman. Shari shares that it is comforting to know that their baby is safe in the arms of Jesus. Eliana will never have to suffer any trials or sadness on earth. A special song that was sung when Eliana died is song of Zion 448. You can look at the words of that song in your songbook. Those words also tell how children are cared for by God and Jesus, just like the words of our song 52.

Song 52 encourages us all to sing a joyous Christmas hymn! This Christmastime, I hope you sing many Christmas songs with your family at home and with God’s family at church. When we sing, we can remember those dear ones who, like Eliana Joy, are already at the eternal Christmas in heaven!

Things to Visit About:

  1. All believers are members of God’s family. What unites believers together?

  2. Song 52 encourages us to sing a joyous Christmas hymn. What is your favorite Christmas hymn? Why is it your favorite?

  3. Why do we sing hymns and songs of Zion? How does singing help us on our way to heaven?

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