The kingdom of heaven

is like treasure

hid in a field

Matt. 13:44

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The Laestadian Lutheran Church (LLC) is the central organization of Laestadian Lutheran churches in North America. The website provides information about our faith, mission, organization, and activities. Here you will find an overview of our publications and links to member congregations. Welcome to our website and welcome to our services!

Upcoming Events

Sep 22, 2017

Veterans Camp

Date: 9/22/2017 - 9/24/2017 Location: Stony Lake Camp Directors: David Anderson (Outlook), Ray Waaraniemi Contact directors for more i..

Oct 20, 2017

Bible Course HLC/SLC

Date: 10/20/2017 - 10/22/2017 Location: Stony Lake Camp Directors: Jim Frantti, Daniel Wuollet Contact directors for more information...

Oct 22, 2017

Publications Week

The goals of Publications Week are to: Encourage reading and studying God’s Word Increase awareness of the benefits of reading Christian ..

Christian Education

Different programs that teach, instruct and guide both the youth and elderly of our congregation. These include Sunday school, Bible study, confirmation, youth camp programs; educational resources; camp facilities; Opisto scholarship program.

Mission Work

Domestic and foreign mission trip coordination, supportive resources and media resource development.

Pastoral Work

Sacred Acts, pastor support, spiritual counseling, resource to member congregations.


A variety of publications to support the work of the LLC in furtherance of its Mission Statement.

News & Notes

September Update

September, 2017

September brings with it a hint of fall weather and the beginning of the school year. It also marks the end of another busy camp season. My heart joins with the songwriter in prayer for our children: “Deares..

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August Update

August, 2017

In visiting the Wright County Fairgrounds last fall, I remembered the 2016 LLC Summer Services in Essa, Ontario, and I wondered how God would bless in 2017. The facilities were similar in that both are outdoor airy v..

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June/July Update

June, 2017

June and July can be busy months with graduations, family trips, and the many activities at our LLC camp centers. I want to congratulate all 2017 high school and college graduates—you have received a milestone ..

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Featured Articles

Commentary: Work is a Gift, or Is It?

September, 2017

The time we live in emphasizes efficiency. This can result in exhaustion in both work and life. Some have too much work, while others do not have any work at all. Work gives meaning to our life; we should be thankful that we have a job. God gave man the duty to cultivate and protect the eart ..

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Put Sin Away

September, 2017

Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. —Rev. 2:5 The apostle John during his exile on the Isle of Patmos had seen many visions ..

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Introduction to The Small Catechism

September, 2017

Many readers of the Voice of Zion will know that Martin Luther wrote the Small Catechism; however, it is likely that relatively few know the context and history of it. Many may wonder why Luther wrote the Small Catechism, under what circumstances did he write it, or how did he intend it to be us ..

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