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Welcome to the website of the Laestadian Lutheran Church (LLC), the central organization of Laestadian Lutheran churches in North America. The website provides information about our faith, mission, organization, and activities. Here you will find an overview of our publications and links to member congregations. Selecting "Worship Services and Events" will lead you to hearing the spoken Word of God at various worship service occasions, both live and archived. Welcome to our website and welcome to our services!

2017 LLC Winter Services - February 23-26, 2017

Motto: "I will not leave you comfortless" (John 14:18).



News & Notes

February Update

As we make plans for the upcoming camp season my thoughts often turn to our children and youth, and join in the words of the songwriter, “The youth of Jesus journey as morning dew, so pure in light and grace so holy, on Zion’s Mount so fair. The sea of grace is found there, and all who there abide are cleansed from all defilement in Jesus’ blood divine. From vict’ry unto vict’ry in Zion’s midst below, with strength of God Almighty, they strike the evil foe. Their souls are peace enjoying. Their gaze is pure and chaste, and childlike they are pleading e’er to remain in faith” (SHZ 478).



January Update

As a new year begins we often look back and remember events of the previous year. We also look forward and make plans for the coming year. As we reflect on the past year it is heartwarming to see the support and generosity of believers in supporting the work of God’s kingdom. Without this support, the work would be in vain. Looking forward we wonder what plans God has for us. We see additional needs at our camp centers and the possibility of adding more facilities to support camp work. Local congregations continue to grow and so does the request for additional support from the office. With these requests, we prayerfully ask for God’s continued guidance and blessings. 



December Update

On behalf of the LLC office staff, I wish each of you a joyous and peaceful Christmas season. Scriptures relate how many years ago the heavens opened as angels announced the birth of the promised Savior. The same joyful message, which comforts the weary traveler and gives hope of eternal Christmas in heaven, resounds today. May the message of God’s perfect gift to mankind be centermost as we gather with loved ones this Christmas season.



Voice of Zion - Featured Articles

Editorial: What Does the Creed Mean to You?

The words of the Creed are familiar to Christian people from, among other settings, worship services. When a person is baptized, those participating in the occasion mutually join in saying the Creed. The baptizing occurs in the name of the Triune God. When after Christian confirmation school, one is confirmed, he confesses his Christian faith, he promises to express that in his life.

Watch in Faith

In this letter that apostle Paul wrote to the believers in Thessalonia, he encourages them to remain watching in living faith. Earlier in the letter (1 Thess. 4:16–18) we find a very descriptive portion of God’s Word that prophecies of the time when Jesus will return to the earth for the second time.



Exhibit Reflections: Martin Luther—Art and the Reformation

This year we commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, which is often said to have begun when Martin Luther famously nailed 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Due in part to Minnesota’s sizable Lutheran population, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts was able to host a special exhibit—Martin Luther: Art and the Reformation. The Oct. 30–Jan. 15 exhibit showcased artwork, artifacts, and educational materials related to Luther’s childhood and faith, as well as to his work and its impact on history.



Dates to Remember

2017 LLC Winter Services, Phoenix
2017 LLC Winter Services, Phoenix

 February 23–26 | Phoenix, AZ

Motto:  I will not leave you comfortless.”(John 14:18)

Campwork-Youthwork Week, LLC-Wide
Campwork-Youthwork Week, LLC-Wide

 March 5–12, 2017

Theme: “The Fear of the Lord Grants Security.” 

Featured Publications

LLC eBooks
LLC eBooks
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At the crossroads of choosing
At the crossroads of choosing
“You are young. You live the life that you have been given. Live passionately! Live beautifully! Live in such a way that you value yourself, your friends, parents, siblings, and those close to you,” says this book’s preface. Through 34 powerful topical essays it encourages young believers to hold on to faith, their greatest gift.
Bible Story Illustrations
Bible Story Illustrations
This CD and USB combo set includes pictures for 210 Old and New Testament Bible Stories and is intended to increase the Bible knowledge and interest of children and youth in the Holy Scripture..
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