"Shew me thy ways,

o lord;

teach me thy paths."

Psalm 25:4







The Laestadian Lutheran Church (LLC) is the central organization of Laestadian Lutheran churches in North

America. The website provides information about our faith, mission, organization, and activities. Here you will

find an overview of our publications and links to member congregations. Welcome to our website and welcome

to our services!

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The Best Words in the Best Order – and God’s Blessing

January 2021

The first LLC Publications Online Workshop was held on October 31, 2020, via the Zoom communication platform. Participants from across the continent gathered in an online space to learn and be encouraged in prose, poetry and photojournalism both for their personal development and for the future of LLC publications.

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Future and Hope

January 2021

It has traditionally been thought that the world’s future is made better by children and youth. They will build society with knowledge and skills that were not available to previous generations. Are we now at some sort of turning point when an ordinary young person might say in all earnestness that the future is already ruined? Have we failed at cultivating and protecting the earth so miserably that today’s youth will become embittered toward the generations that came before them?

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In the Flock of the Good Shepherd

January 2021

Prophet Isaiah depicted the kingdom of God as a sheepfold whose shepherd is the Lord who feeds His flock (Isa. 40:11). It is a familiar picture in the Bible. Jesus himself used the same illustration: “I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine” (John 10:14).

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